Obama’s calm allowed for Trump’s chaos. Trump’s chaos allows for Biden’s calm.

Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t make it to the kitchen table.

What happens when an economy adds two hundred thousand jobs a year for seven years in a row? Clue, it’s the same thing that happens when unemployment is cut in half, manufacturing output increases, and yes, even the stock market triples in value.

Now ask, what happens when an economy loses 1.4 million jobs in just eight months? Clue, it’s the same thing that happens when unemployment nearly reaches 15%, manufacturing plumits to pre-2008 levels, and yes, the stock market experiences its biggest drop in history.

One situation allows for a story about a private email account to dominate, and the other makes voters worry about real things: their health, their jobs, their future.

The first scenario happened in 2016. Stability, calm, whatever you call it, economic and politically almost everyone thought they knew what would happen. And so, Donald Trump, a freakish candidate in many ways was left searching for a way to beat the most qualified candidate in history who possessed every single institutional advantage imaginable.

That environment, everything about it, was rife for Trump’s chaos. And I mean complete chaos. Pizzagate levels of chaos. And here we are again: Groundhog Day. Because, with a heavy sigh, let me briefly explain the latest ridiculous attempt by the Trump allies to go on the attack.

Ok, so the story goes, computer hardware store owner, John Paul MacIsaac (a Trump voter, of course), from Wilmington Delaware , got handed an incriminating laptop by Hunter Biden himself (???) — you know, he was just casually swinging by — that contained, according to CBS News, a “trove of Hunter Biden’s emails and photos”, specifically about his role on the board of Burisma.

The problem is, a story like this could only flourish when the foundations of everything else are solid. The economy is fine, jobs are fairly secure, manufacturing is chugging along, and the stock market is on a steady rise.

In 2016, there was space for “but her emails”. Now, four years later, as the foundations have been brutally shaken, people are responsive to the urgent basics: how do we restore, recover, and repair.

Unless Hunter Biden’s laptop hard-drive contains a vaccine for COVID-19 or the long-awaited Trump healthcare plan, it is a waste of breath to spend one more minute talking about it.

We are less that two weeks ago from election day, 15 million people have voted already, and Donald Trump trails by double digits. Churning out a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop is breathtakingly stupid.

It is deeply, deeply, hubristic as well. When a President scrapes to victory through winning three states by a combined 77,000 votes, one would have assumed the impending term would be laser-focused on coalition building — firing up the base, sure, but reaching out to new avenues, governing for all. Just simple, basic politics.

This goes back to one of Trump’s greatest weaknesses. That voters do not believe he represents “people like me”. If the President’s arrogance wasn’t so blinding, the campaign would have had ample time to change this. Obama lost to Romney on the economy, foreign policy, and leadership. He beat Romney because voters thought he cared about people like them, even after four years in office. If the Trump campaign still doesn’t think that’s important, they should get in contact with President Romney for advice.

But no. Donald Trump — the master businessman who has declared bankruptcy seven times, the self-made man who received a “small loan” of $60 million from his father, the artist of the deal whose masterpiece is a personal debt of $400 million — the elected President with fewer votes than his opponent.

Donald Trump is set to lose handsomely. A first term President being thrown onto the scrap-heap of history, taking the Republican Senate majority with him, but more damaging, scaring the reputation of the country for decades. Let his impending defeat be the first step in repair and recovery, but let is also completely destroy the idea that this man knows what he is doing. In politics or business, he is the Charlatan-in-Chief.

The silver-lining to a Trump presidency will be not only the complete and utter rejection of the man, but the destruction of the environment that allowed him to get elected in the first place. If you have any ideas about how to do that, send your answers on a postcard to a hardware store in Delaware.

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Writing on US politics from across the pond. Occasional comments in the build up to the 2020 election week. Views rarely my own. Especially the funny ones.

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