Great point. There are people in the Republican party who have made careers from stirring up Clinton hatred from way back in the early 1990s. The work of Edward Klein discusses that hatred of Clinton at length, not least because he clearly shares some of it. I caveat: in no way do I agree with it and I personally cannot stand Klein, but he is happy to talk about the hatred around her. For a more balanced view, Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes have several books (and Youtube videos) about her.

Now, when you ask “is there really someone in America who trust Donald Trump?” I have to conclude the answer must be yes. I don’t think that’s all of his supporters, in fact, a lot probably don’t trust him at all. I personally cannot fathom trusting something as disgusting as he is.

A final point. I wanted my article to show how the *current* group of voters who hate both candidates appear to be moving towards Biden in big numbers. While it would seem logical to suggest they are the same as in 2016, they probably aren’t exactly the same. I suspect (and this is just gut feeling), that *some* of the 2016 double-haters are probably firm Trump supporters now, but equally, some might regret voting Trump and wished they’d got for Clinton. I will be keeping a lookout for any further research because, as I say, I think they’re an unrepresented group who will play a significant role.

Writing on US politics from across the pond. Occasional comments in the build up to the 2020 election week. Views rarely my own. Especially the funny ones.

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