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  • Patrick Tompkins

    Patrick Tompkins

    Opinions about politics, leadership, government, kaizen, among other things. Editor of The Purple Giraffe & Leadership You. https://twitter.com/the_second_pat

  • Elleviradanielle


  • Dan Evans- Kanu

    Dan Evans- Kanu

    Welsh sociologist. Expert in bird law. Wales home & away. Views mine only

  • The Right Strategy Group

    The Right Strategy Group

    At the Right Strategy Group, we use big data and predictive models to give our clients the winning edge over their opponents. www.therightstrategygroup.com

  • Sara Gibbs

    Sara Gibbs

    Sara Gibbs is a UK-based comedy writer and activist.

  • Nick Eilerson

    Nick Eilerson


  • Sasha Duncan

    Sasha Duncan

    storyteller | feminist | guide || Sasha offers teachings from her multitude of stumbles, bumbles, and breakthroughs || she/her || follow @sashamduncan

  • The Democratic Coalition

    The Democratic Coalition

    We are one of the largest #Resistance organizations in the country. Visit http://www.DemocraticCoalition.org to learn more. #ImpeachTrump

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