Don’t be mean to the Fiscal Conservative. Their alarm has gone off four years early.

Just like clockwork, this mythical beast only wakes up to a Democrat President.

When science, politics, and economics converge, there are few more powerful forces in nature than the awakening affect a Democrat president has on the Fiscal Conservative.

These guys have taken some well deserved time off recently, but the country is now in need of its very best brains, so it’s a good job they’re finally starting to pull their weight again. 2024 favourite Nikki Haley appears to be getting the message nice and early; it looks like someone has a worm to catch.

You see, with a Republican in the White House, these fiscal conservatives take the opportunity to sign off for a few years. Play a few rounds of golf, hit up the country club, make some coin off the stock market. It’s a pretty nice gig if you can get it, and these great guys are lucky enough to get it every eight years.

Except, they’re about to get their hibernation cut short. Rude!

That’s because wherever you look, Biden is leading in the polls and looks like he is on course to secure a fairly comfortable victory. According to the FiveThirtyEight average, Biden’s lead in eleven swing states is still very strong, albeit with a slight decline throughout July. On top of that, a recent live-caller poll from Georgetown University has Biden up 13 point, on 53% — his highest in a while.

This is a defibrillator to the comatose “Fiscal Conservative”.

But when these characters are firing on all cylinders, you can clearly see just how seriously the take the debt. They are Fiscal Conservatives, after all.

Well, everyone’s favourite, Lindsey Graham, told Obama to “man up” on the debt. Marco Rubio claimed that a large debt was part of “Obama’s big government agenda” — whatever that means. — and Joni Ernst was furious with Obama when he failed to balance the budget.

Senator John Cornyn said he was “shocked” with how the Obama administration treated the federal debt. Cory Gardner was leading the charge on a balanced budget — his words (really). While Chris Christie said Obama was just a bystander on the debt.

I haven’t forgotten about Chief Fiscal Conservative, Mitch McConnell. He claimed the former President was derelict on fiscal issues. Harsh words from Washington’s grim reaper!

It goes without saying that Fox News were all too willing to give these beasts a space to spread their wings.

Even when they weren’t cashing in on media appearances, don’t you be thinking their work was done! Oh no, they were writing strongly worded letters, urging “Obama to address the deficit”.

The letter even encouraged Obama to show the same leadership as Ronald Reagan, you remember him? The guy who nearly tripled the federal debt, taking it over one trillion dollars.

These champions of fiscal conservatism were working overtime during the Obama years. They needed the rest.

For those who could summon the energy to peel their eyes open in the last few years, there was seemingly an opportune moment to get some warm-up shots in. In the earlier days of the Coronavirus, Republicans were once again furious at the apparent ‘Blue-State Bailout’ approach.

But wait, what is this?

Evidence that “red state residents received the largest stimulus cheques”. For the sake of the Fiscal Conservatives remaining restful few months, let’s not even bother with the PPP small-business loan disgrace.

While all that played out, other Fiscal Conservatives stayed tucked away in hibernation. And it’s a good job they did, otherwise they’d have been apoplectic if they saw what the current President had done the debt. Even before the pandemic, the Republican President was set to increase the debt by 74%, according to Forbes, who go on to say:

“When you compare the last three years of Obama’s Presidency vs. Trump’s first three years, Trump’s deficits will be almost $1 trillion greater at $2.47 trillion to $1.51 trillion for Obama”

Please, whatever you do, don’t awaken the Fiscal Conservatives too early, otherwise they in for a real surprise!

In his typical eloquence, in the run up to his 2012 re-election, President Obama said “what happens is, the Republicans run up the tab, and then we’re sitting there and they’ve left the restaurant”.

Barack, Mr President, don’t fear, because the Fiscal Conservative is about to come out of their hibernation again. Just as a Democrat is left with the cheque… funny that.

Writing mostly on US politics from across the pond. Occasionally detour into sports/sport performance, and UK politics/culture.

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