Donald Trump should be the most unifying President in history. We can all still make that happen.

I am sick and tired of people not uniting around this President

Republicans, Democrats. East coast, west coast. Old, young. Rural, urban. Rich, poor. It’s no matter for our President; our Uniter-in-Chief.

It’s not always easy, though. American history is a story of disagreement and conflict. But it’s also an ongoing story of right and wrong which ends with society changing for the better (the arch of justice, and all of that). It’s partly why America has maintained its place as a super-power. Despite everything, American values, its systems, and its culture remain the envy of the world.

Out of even the most heinous of events, it is to the eternal testament of the American people that the country goes forward and progresses, not backwards and regresses. Now is undoubtedly one of those historic times where the former is needed.

Entire administrations have been marred at some point by spells of disunity; sometimes the disunity is so great that the most powerful person on earth can no longer handle the office (Johnson, Nixon, Bush Snr, nearly Clinton). In reality, manifestations of disunity are commonplace, and often have limited material impact, save for the President’s party losing some seats in the midterms.

A great modern day example of this comes from Trump’s predecessor, Obama. Under his stewardship, Democrats lost control of both chambers in 27 state legislatures, lost a net total of 13 Governorships and 816 state legislative seats since Obama’s inauguration in 2009 — the most of any president since Eisenhower. For a man so admired on the world stage, that is a damning display.

So, after eight years of squabbling — maybe taking away 6 months of Obama’s honeymoon period which kept his head above 60% — isn’t it time someone totally different united the country, healed the wounds and fixed the broken system?

Absolutely. And that person is Donald Trump.

Trump is a terrible president. He is haemorrhaging staff despite claiming to only pick ‘the best people’ for his administration. He is also a repugnant person. Boasting about grabbing women. While that’s not enough to remove him from office, it is enough for people of all political flavours to condemn and unequivocally unite against.

On top of that we have his crimes and corruption. Most of which have sadly been forgotten because they are super-seeded by next month’s hitherto unbelievable acts of treachery.

Most recently, this has been Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. In an embarrassingly transparent move, the administration is determined to deflect this towards Joe Biden’s son’s past in the country. These are the crimes that have been deemed worthy of an impeachment inquiry. Oh, and he’s also called for China to do the same as well.

Trump was has been having to defend himself legally since the 1970s ranging from defamation cases, to financial impropriety, to bankruptcy, to assault. Why are we surprised that he is acting the same while in office?

It’s not just Ukraine, it’s not just China, either. It’s Russia, it’s dealings with Stormy Daniels, it’s Puerto Rico, it’s Amazon/Washington Post, it’s racism against members of Congress, and it’s the sheer stupidity than he so consistently displays. It only this man was competent, he’d be a dangerously effective criminal.

What if these were nameless crimes — with a nameless perpetrator and a nameless prosecutor, so the public could not be biased in their assessment — what if they were happening in a movie or a book? The viewer would have absolutely no problem in distinguishing which side the bad guy was on. Why is it any different when that bad guy has the key the White House?

As soon as you stick a ‘R’ or ‘D’ next to the names of the two characters, all rationality is forgotten. Human decency is thrown out, and American values are pushed under the rug as well.

Just this week Trump withdrew support for Kurdish forces who have been fighting in alliance with the US against ISIS for nearly five years. Despite issuing a pathetic twitter warning, the Turkish government took no notice and began their march on Syria, slaughtering innocent American allies and catalysing ISIS’ expansion.

How is there any room to negotiate the ethics of any of this?

Where have we got to when soliciting foreign interference for the second election in a row is either shrugged off or entirely ignored. Or when American turns it back on its allies to be murdered. Or when elected officials abuse women. Or when neo-Nazis are viewed as ‘very fine people’.

Creating this world would have once been a fiction writer’s dream. Now it’s happening, on American soil, every day.

I cannot think of actions from any President that have the power to cut through traditional political lines and unite an entire nation, with more conviction that what Trump is doing right now.

His crimes and corruption are committed without fear of favour of political colours or concern for the consequences on the country he took an oath to serve and protect.

For Trump’s supports out there, simply ask yourself this; would you want you son to grow up and be like Donald Trump?

This presidency can unify the country around a great American wrong, re-write that wrong, and demonstrate once again the country’s enviable ability to better itself, even out of its darkest moments.

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Writing on US politics from across the pond. Occasional comments in the build up to the 2020 election week. Views rarely my own. Especially the funny ones.

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